Ostligur.jpgPopulation: 20,000
General alignment: Lawful Good
Demographic: Dwarf, few Human

Ostligur lies on the hulk of one of the few true mountains of the Arrestarcs. It is the last dwarven city to be seen or known as you travel east from the civilized coastline of the Cacama Sea. Ostligur, as its name means in the Dwarven tongue, is the Eastern Watch.

As so much of the known world west of Ostligur has been tamed and civilized, great threats like those faced by the ancients are rare news. Not so with the souls who inhabit the heart of the orange mountain Pidestall: the dwarves of Ostligur ready themselves, even religiously so, for the unknown entities of the east. Rumors are told that the Ostlig-folk will not tell of all things they have seen, for fear of causing panics and terrors upon those of the west.

Since the first tunnel Faravtun, before the castle of Blotteslott was dug into the side of the orange mountain, Ostlig-folk have told bountiful tales of things such as have not been seen since before the days of the empire—wandering giants taller than redwoods; shadows as wide and dark as a raincloud that race atop the plainland; dragons feuds that number in the hundreds; a centaur herd so many in number that they named it the Brown Sea. What is true, what is untrue, and what is untold is unknown by those who visit Ostligur.

But the stout folk love their mountain, and whatever threats they have seen have never frightened them away. So many holes have been dug clean through the orange mountain that one can see them perforate the cliff-face from many sides. Though the city within Blotteslott Castle is large and visible from the eye from leagues apart, Ostligur is deeper than it is wide. Far down within the orange mountain have the dwarves of Ostligur dug, deep enough to mine ores good for the creation of cold iron.

Under the open sky, the Ostlig-folk feed their people. A dwarf of Ostligur who favors adventuring more than mining will often become a ranger, a takstdverg, to bring back game and stories and cartography. Little farming is done in Ostligur, and when the need arises for spices or expensive tastes, a caravan will set out to trade tales and smith-goods with the cities back west.

Ostligur is surely one of the last hospitable places an explorer will find between the west and Œx-Chel. The orange mountain lies north of the range of the Endless Mountains.


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