Population: 28,000
General alignment: Lawful Good
Demographic: Dwarf, Human, some Elf

Avgådsvurk, or properly, Kamur av Gådsvurk, was the former independent kingdom which is now known as Toragburg, under the sovereign rule of the Bork Isles. Its eight lords of the Mithral Hall ruled for over century, largely ignorant from the world at large, until Borklanders landed in 113 to settle the isle. The Borklander settlers accidentally brought a disease, which withered many dwarves in the underdark of Avgådsvurk. That followed the brief Bull War, in which enraged Avgådsvurks drove out Borklanders whom they saw as tricksters and false priests. When the Jarl himself brought apology and recompensing wealth to the eight lords of the Mithral Hall, it was learned by they of the indefatigable virtue of the foreign Jarl—and an anchor of unity was manifested that both the Borklanders and Avgådsvurks worshipped the same god: Torag.

Thus, in the modern age, at the flowing of a thousand tongues and tales, Avgådsvurk is known as Toragburg, and is presently the third most important city in the Bork Isles, second only to Walpole and Wælðburg. The eight lords serve in the Mithral Hall as the local ruling body. They are granted great sovereignty over their own land, although they still willingly submit to the Jarl’s authority, and contingently, the Empire.

Some native dwarves resent the human (and increasingly elven) encroachment upon their isle, and see the merger of cultures and submission to the Jarl and the High King as an insult to their race. This does not often manifest in violence, but dwarves are proud of their cultural history, and city manners can be only the first casualty.


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